An exciting and different birthday party experience building LEGO® bricks models
Recommended length of the activity 90-120 minutes

Birthday Parties

Children are always exploring, discovering, building and deconstructing. Let’s give them an opportunity to work and create together! Birthday allows your child to choose one of our creative models to build with friends. All the children have the chance to use our specially designed kits to build the model that has been chosen. The children also will explore a STEM related topic and will apply it to the build!

A Young Engineers birthday party allows children to learn and have fun at the same time. It is a 90min hosted birthday party run at a venue of your choice. We will come to you.

We will bring all the equipment and parts for the children to build and create a model. There are 16 specially designed Young Engineers LEGO kits. If you have more than 16 children, we might be able to organise more kits, please talk to us about how many you require.

Venue recommendations: please provide indoor location with tables and chairs for all participating children. Ideally there are room elsewhere for children to race/battle.

Your Young Engineers birthday party will have the following itinerary:

  1. 10mins – Your host will introduce the children to Young Engineers and talk a bit about a topic that is related to the chosen model.
  2. 40mins – Children will build and enhance the model.
  3. 25mins – Children will race/battle/free play and work out ways to further modify the model
  4. 15mins – Children will disassemble and pack away their own kits

Below is a list of models that you can choose for the party. Most of our models are enjoyed as a group. The children can have races or battles with the models. With every model, we offer improvement ideas and the children will find their own ways to enhance the model to make it better, faster, slower, more stronger etc.

The age is only as a recommendation. Choosing a model that is younger than your child’s age does not mean it will be less fun, it just means they will have more time to play and modify their model in their own ways.

Race car Make a race car and race with the others. Improve it to make it look better and make it go faster.
Spinning Top Motorised and non-motorised versions available. This is a LEGO version of spin top or Bey Blade. They will build and battle with it. Children will then improve it to keep winning battles. Need smooth surface to battle on. Easy model.  This is our classic and most popular model for birthday parties because it is very enjoyable as a group.
Pirate Ship Non-motorised. Amusement park pirate ship ride. Cannot race/battle. Children will play along side each other. Easy model.
Catapult Non-motorised. Children will have fun shooting targets with paper balls and they will have a competition in teams to score the highest.
Motorcycle Children will have a race with the motorcycles. Then improve its look and speed.
Elastic Car Non-motorised race car. Powered by elastic, similar to a pull back car. Children will have time to have a race with their elastic car and find ways to make it go faster.
Android (robot) A slow walking robot. Children race with the robot and try to knock each other down.  (For advanced builders or parent help required.)
Rescue Helicopter Helicopter rotors turn with the motor and people can be raised/lowered from the helicopter. The children will have a rescue mission with the helicopters.
Rescue Jeep Jeep that has the ability to pull a heavy load. Children will have a race with and without the load and other play scenarios.
Sand Buggy A buggy with large balloon tyres. Driver can manually steer it around a course or race with the model.
Hopping Rabbit A robot rabbit that hops along. Children will have a race with the rabbit. They will find ways to modify and decorate the rabbit. Ideal on a carpet surface for the race.

Package 1

Up to 10 children

1 host

Individual kit for each child


Package 2

Up to 16 children

2 hosts

Additional children on the day (above 16 children) will be charged $18/head and will be sharing kits with other children


Package 3

Up to 32 children

3 hosts

Each additional child (over 16 children) will be charged $18/head.

Children share kits in teams of 2 where required.

$410 +

All building equipment is provided for use during the party, along with a small present for the birthday child. Children will not be taking the model home, all equipment will need to be dismantled and packed again by the end of the party.

We will arrive 20mins before start time for setup and we will take 20mins after the party to pack up.

To book for a party, you will need to pay a non-refundable $100 to secure the date. And then the remaining balance payable 7 days prior to the event.

An exciting and different birthday party experience building LEGO® bricks models

Our Birthday includes fun games, singing songs and eating birthday cake. We sit with you to decide how the party will flow and best suit your child. Our parties are available for all ages and groups of any size. 
It’s a birthday experience never to be forgotten!